Teaching, fixing & enhancing PCs at your home in the Middlesex, Surrey & London area
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07887 747250

We can supply all versions of Windows and install them on your PC. Our technicians will ensure that your PC boots from a cold start so you can be sure it is working perfectly when we leave.

Our technicians are well versed on Microsoft Office which we can supply and give tutorials on all the applications that make up the office suite.

We can supply most popular software so please contact us with what you require so we can see if it can be obtained. We can also recommend software based on your requirements.

Software services

We can provide most types of software, bring it to your home and install it onto your PC. You will get original CDs as backups in their cases. We will show you how to run the software and, in most cases, we can provide you with a quick tutorial with a more in-depth one available should it be required.

We can also come back to your home a few months later once you've got to grips with the software. If you make a list of questions related to the software we can go through these with you, answering each question and showing you how to do things that you wish to do.

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