Teaching, fixing & enhancing PCs at your home in the Middlesex, Surrey & London area
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We can supply most types of hardware at low prices with the guarantee that we will setup the hardware, install the software drivers and ensure it's all working perfectly. We can also give you lessons in how to make the most of the new hardware.

We can provide everything from ram upgrades, speeding your machine up, new (or additional) hard drives should you be running out of space, new huge widescreen monitors to improve your PC experience and even totally new PC's which we can set up for you.

Hardware services

Hardware installation
Our technicians can bring the hardware to your home and install it (or connect it) to your PC safely.

Software installation
Once the hardware is safely installed we will install all the software drivers so windows knows how to talk to your new hardware. We can also ensure that your applications are ready to use the new hardware.

Working the hardware
You will receive a quick tutorial on how to use the new hardware with the option of a more in-depth tutorial to used advanced features and get the most out of it.

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