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The importance of education
Ash PC's believes strongly in teaching people about computers so their knowledge increases and they can fix more and more problems themselves. We mainly specialise in software education where we can answer any questions, show you how to do new things and teach you common concepts. We can also teach you about hardware, how to select new hardware, install it and get it working.
Much of the work we do is passing on knowledge to the user to enhance their knowledge & experience so next time they may well be able to fix the problem themselves. We can teach & provide courses on most subjects. The most productive sessions work when the user has a list of questions ready for the instructor to answer. Our instructors are very patient and can explain complicated processes in an easy to understand format. Contact us to find out more.
Software education
Our technicians can teach you about all types of software including windows, office and most applications. This works well if you have a list of questions ready for us to go through and answer.
Hardware education
We can recommend and provide new hardware, teaching you about what you need and what it will do. Our technicians can show you how to install new hardware and set it up so it's working perfectly.

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